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Dear Reader,

Picture taken at the serene Lake Bunyonyi - Kabale

My name is Margaret Vuchiri. I am a journalist based in Kampala, Uganda - East Africa. I started this blog, The Tamarind Tree Shade, mainly as a hobby.

I love photography and tend to snap away at little things many people would easily ignore, such as the chipped mug in a restaurant, the fine china a friend reserves for rare visits, or the tired-looking traffic police officer baking in the furious heat of the tropics! That is why The Tamarind Tree Shade is mostly heavy on pictures. I also share some of my newspaper and magazine articles here.

In my hometown of Moyo, located in the West Nile region of Uganda, the tamarind tree is special, not just for its fruits mainly used to season millet porridge; the tree is more popular for its cool shade. 

The tamarind tree shade is where people gather to share stories, cherished memories and ancient tales. It is the place for quiet joys, loud laughter, heart-to-heart conversations, conflict resolution and good old sisterhood gossip. The shade is also where lazy men idle around talking about nothing and everything as their wives toil in the farms! It is ...where tales are shared!

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I recently travelled to China and toured a number of places. What fascinated me, among other things, was a province that found innovative solutions to turn its fortunes around, thanks to irrigation and tree planting in the desert area...Ningxia Province in Daily Monitor

For a province that has vast tracts of desert land and is ranked third in development among China’s five autonomous provinces, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, located in northwest China, has registered remarkable progress. Statistics from China’s premier website indicate that Ningxia is the province with the third smallest GDP in China, with its neighbours, Inner Mongolia and Shaanxi, classified as the strongest emerging provincial economies in that country. And yet for a casual Ugandan visitor, Ningxia’s capital, Yinchuan, would be one of the most developed and well planned metropolises with very good road network- compared to Kampala, of course.

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Some time in July, I made a one-week trip to my old city- good-old Nairobi. The weather was harsh; too harsh I can’t even begin to describe the socks, camisoles, jackets, sweaters and scarves I wrapped myself in before getting under the light duvet Meridian Hotel had to offer.  

Going to Nairobi is almost, always a pleasant experience, even if I’m going for one of those office-related trips where the tight schedule makes it impossible to catch up with friends and family! I attended part of my education in Kenya; the other part in Uganda and my formative years in Sudan. Each of these countries, I proudly call home.  
Nairobi, however, holds special memories because university experience is probably one of the best years - with no high school-type rules (well, minimum rules).  In the United States International University (USIU) where I spent four fantastic years (and the same Meridian Hotel used to be our school pick-up point BTW), we would grumble about certain regulations. One such rul…

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I'm big on gifts. I must confess I receive quite a lot - much more than I give (and I can be quite generous, by-the-way). Last year, I had a lot more reason to look forward to the Christmas season; to give, to receive and to make merry! But not all stories have a good ending. I look forward to retelling this otherwise wonderful story sooner than later.

And look how some kind souls cheered up a holiday that would have been dreadful. You see, that is why I quit worrying and always speak deeply into my spirit.... I believe in the sufficiency of God's abundant grace and deeply trust in the perfection of His will..

I know this year will be wrapped up good. Bless those who wrapped a not-so-good 2013 in  beautiful baskets (more about how handy those baskets can be in house decor later).