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Sweet Treats

We had lots of sweet treats last week with abundant cake spillover this week. Even for my famously sweet tooth, I feel I’ve had enough of milkshakes and yummy cakes – perhaps too much for my own good, until October maybe!

The Power of Love

It’s Friday! Cliché, yes but it happens to be my best day of the week – for as long as I’m with my present employer. It is only on Fridays that I have the luxury to wake up after 8am, prepare African tea (with generous sprinkling of Chai masala) and head to work mid-morning. Today was another interesting morning. You see, I’ve been reading this book given to me by my Big Sister, Betty. The woman probably knows all powerful and inspirational books out there (except the ones still being written, or yet to be written) but she has no idea what impact the three books she’s given me have had in my life!
Right now I’m reading the last chapter of a book many critics were not enthusiastic about. One said the book is far too repetitive and boring. Another said everything in there exists only in the writers mind. Apart from the wonderful artwork that makes turning every page such joy, The Power by Rhonda Byrneis one book that has made me see the world differently - by appreciating the beauty that…

Home Food

On Saturday, I managed to get out of my much-loved apartment. Kampala is unusually cold this month and on a day-off like Saturday, leaving my house is a matter of life and death. 
But then again I’d missed my sister Malia’s mouth-watering dishes. The woman can turn the most mundane thing into an exotic cuisine (she needs to open a restaurant to share her glorious servings with more people). 
It was nice to be back in Naalya. The hedges looked neater, the food tasted better, the TEA – my favourite – got served generously – complete with lemon grass and the rich collection of chai spices in that wonderful home. And, of course, the softest chapatti ever!