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Flower Paradise

Sometimes, we all think about taking the road to unfamiliar territory. To get away from the world. To relax, reflect and refocus.  I've been there - many times both mentally and physically. I'd love to take that serenity route often but I can't afford it so the mental trip does wonders in times like this, especially to a place so charming and calming like this wonder. Read more Here

Wedding...(David and Lydia)

A few weeks ago, we attended the wedding of a good friend. It is no secret that I love weddings – not so much for the food. I show up for the cake and of course check out the bride’s gown. Most importantly, to celebrate love and pray for happily ever-afters. David and Lydia’s invite came late (I’m still sulking) but I couldn't miss it for anything. This wedding had one glorious choir whose divine hymns ushered us straight into the presence of God (even if we made a late entry). 
It is one thing attending a wedding where the couple seems too stressed to raise a smile; it is another where a couple has enough energy to lift the spirits of the congregation. Lydia certainly spreads sunshine, laughter and high spirits everywhere. My friend David is a lucky man…wishing this wonderful family more blessings every step of the way! I do not have permission to share the couple's full pictures but here are my main attractions.