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Soothing Ice Cream

I can’t even remember when I last had ice cream. It is one of those things I occasionally enjoy but don’t miss. Today, we had to run some errands in Kampala’s Central Business District. Now, the typical Kampala knows what that means, especially in the current furious heat! First, we had to interrupt the sweet morning sleep to beat the Saturday morning traffic – yes, Saturday mornings can be quite bad…as if everyone is running off to say ‘I Do’ on the same day!

It was comforting to be in the bank before 10 am and easily get parking space on Kampala Road opposite good old Fido Dido Ice cream, now called Hot Chips restaurant. After a light breakfast, I couldn't resist the urge to check out the ice cream selections in the restaurant’s freezer on our way out. I was persuaded by the vanilla and chocolate combo – silky-smooth… it soothed the heat.

Flu Remedy

This has got to be the worst flu I’ve suffered in my lifetime…two weeks and counting, still no sign of relief. I’m strongly opposed to rushing to the nearest pharmacy for one of those so-called ‘flu remedies’ because I believe flu is nothing serious. You sneeze for two or three days (yes, that’s how long mine usually lasts) and the thing slowly fades away.
I am wrong. This time, I had to take a few antibiotics in the first few days but stopped once I realised they were useless – probably because I didn't believe they would help in the first place. I resorted to my good-old remedy of ginger, lemon and honey but it didn't help – at least not as quickly as it usually does. My sister advised me to add garlic (I know, the taste!) I decided I would try everything under the sun before touching any garlic: Cinnamon, apple cider vinegar, warm wine…but I sneeze even more.

I finally succumbed and added garlic to the concoction yesterday. I do not like garlic at all so the trick was to imag…

Tasty Bread

I do not like bread. At all.  But occasionally, friends and family drop by and naturally, they expect bread on the breakfast table – exactly what I’m “allergic” to, especially the typically sweet white loaves that flood Ugandan supermarket shelves. I can tolerate the salty rolls that accompany main meals but any substitute for the conventional sweet white bread is a better option… but if I must eat white bread, I find creative ways of making it tastier.

Of course, the first choice is always whole meal, or brown bread. Whenever I’m stuck with white bread, an interesting change from the traditional plain ‘Blue Band’ would be to apply the Blue Band anyway, then toast the slices for a crunchy treat. I like to add toppings like honey, cinnamon flavoring, peanut butter or sesame bar crumbs. It’s healthy and delicious!