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Beetroot Juice

I just recently discovered beetroot juice. Our local vegetable supplier has started selling fruits: passion fruits, lemons, oranges, pineapples, watermelons, beetroots… He’s the kind of guy who will make you buy the veggies you may not even need; he’s pleasant, convincing, generous! I’m sure you now know why I buy lots of beetroots lately. 
I’ve also been told by a colleague that beetroot has countless health benefits. I have read various articles about it but I can’t confirm that it, indeed, lowers blood pressure, among other health benefits. You can read more about it in this BBC article.
I occasionally make beetroot juice and because my friend, colleague and desk mate failed to make this juice, I realized my initial futile attempts at making beetroot juice was nothing to be ashamed about. My juice always tasted ‘too organic’, which is not necessarily a bad thing but c’mmon, juice needs to be enjoyed!
I consulted my sister and she helped – a great deal. But because I do not take suga…

Rosehip Tea

Confession: I've been taking a lot of coffee lately. Forget those cream coffees. I do love cappuccinos quite a lot but those are best enjoyed with lemon cake on airy cafĂ© terraces. I've been drinking plain, strong coffee, sugar-free (as always) but I haven’t given up my tea adventure, though I’m mildly guilty for ‘back-sliding’.
My latest discovery is Rosehip tea. Well, I didn't exactly discover it; it came highly recommended by Mafalda, a fellow tea enthusiast, and for all the glorious deliciousness that is Rosehip tea, I have Mafalda and therighttea to thank.
This year is proving to be quite a Tea Year, actually. Two days ago I acquired another brand – honeysuckle tea. This tea kind of ‘found me’. The thing has been on my boss’s desk for close to a year now, waiting for a kind soul to save it from boredom. I casually asked for it; it was handed over to me without hesitation. Yes, some people nice like that! A wonderful addition to my kitchen tea shop!
All tea buffs should r…

Veggies and Fruits

Hibiscus Tea

Well, I was going to share my ‘experiment’ with Rosehip tea today. I must confess I have never tasted Rosehip tea, even as a keen tea lover. Thanks to the wonderful Mafalda, I finally bought a pack of Rosehip tea and I will sample it this weekend (of course, a blog will follow)! I’m also learning a lot more about the wonderful world of tea from therighttea.
For now, I got a fresh supply of one of my all-time favourite teas – hibiscus! This tea is said to have health benefits, but I can’t confirm that. Read more about it here. Below, some pictures of the refreshing offering of hibi tea, thanks to my sister (for the tea bags) and my mother who grows hibiscus in her backyard, dries it and sends it to us ready to brew!). More about hibiscus when my mum takes me through the process of making Hibi juice and wine! I prefer my hibiscus tea with lime and honey!