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Herbal Tea Ritual

I am a tea addict. And it used to be worse, especially when it was coffee addiction. I would sit at my desk and drink coffee non-stop, cup after cup of strong, sugar-free coffee! But I also tend to move on pretty quickly and easily when I discover something isn’t good for me. Better still, when I discover a better option - in this case, (mostly) herbal tea. 

My kitchen cabinet is a tea shop: Uganda’s rich brand of teas, Twining Earl Grey Green Tea, Chinese teas most brought from here, hibiscus teas, and herbal infusions such as ginger, cardamom, lemon grass (like one of these), chamomile, peppermint, and lemon, among others.
I recently stocked up a variety of Chinese teas - Oolong tea, Red tea, White tea, Yellow tea (also seen here), Flower tea, Compressed tea and whatever else is found in those packs. To the uninitiated, these teas may taste bland but to the tea addict, it is an uplifting ritual.

I got the two conventional methods I use at goldenteahouse. All teas can be steeped with co…


Towards the end of February, I paid one of my childhood homes a visit. Jinja is just about an hour’s drive from Kampala, where I work, but work pressure leaves me with little time to travel as often as I would like to. Nevertheless, my sisters and I decided it was time to put off some of our weekend programmes and pay this lovely old home a deserved visit.

This was my highest point in February. It was heartwarming to see how the roses we planted in the 90s are still blooming beautiful; the avocadoes all so healthy and the oranges and lemons still give the old home a fresh look. One thing I forgot to check out was the Evening Rose…hope no one has cut it down, fingers crossed! Here's The Avocado picture story and more...