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Vacation In The Countryside

The countryside! This is what many Ugandans, notably the so-called middle class—refer to rather derisively as ‘the village’. I prefer to see it differently. Because I love the countryside: the serenity, the sense of community, the simple lifestyle, interesting crop of relatives, the food…

Last year, I decided I would spend my entire vacation in the countryside. A colleague found the idea strange.A week is okay, but an entire four to five weeks seemed odd to her. But I did. Two days to the end of my vacation and I’m still here…in the countryside enjoying the ‘village’ life. The thought of returning to chaotic Kampala is migraine-inducing. I probably need to stock up the painkillers soon.

After more than a month away from that mess of a city, I can’t imagine being part of the collection of mad drivers on our sorry city roads. And that’s just the journey to work and back. The office presents its own challenges: the deadlines, the meetings, negative energy from perennial whiners! Don’t get…