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G.R.A.T.I.T.U.D.E (For 2012)

It is that time of the year when I look back - January to December - and count my blessings. I have long stopped lamenting over things I cannot not change; events I have no control over.  Instead, I make sure I do not disregard the simple abundance that surrounds me: the wonderful gift of life, good health, food, decent shelter, jobs, family and friends...

As we count the hours to another year, I look back with joy and make another promise to God for being awesome, as always. It could have been better but like my Dad (bless his soul) always reminded us, Man proposes, God disposes. Simple acts of love and kindness such as presents from family, friends and total strangers who became instant friends, made 2012 a memorable year for me!

Such kind gestures remind me of the beauty of friendship, family and love. And here’s to hoping 2013 will double the blessings, and I mean double it! Here are a few things I'm thankful for…

This postcard from Sofia, a receptionist at a hotel who slipped i…

Christmas Cheer!

This year, I travelled to the countryside for Christmas. Today was particularly special because I celebrated Christmas Mass in the church where I was baptized at Moyo Mission. That small church will always be magical; it ushers you straight into the presence of God with beautiful hymns, a lively congregation, eloquent presiding priests, wonderful nuns! Christmas, so far, is jolly merry!

Beyond the preachy stuff, this is a season of giving! You know it is Christmas when lovely bundles of pressies begin to arrive (rather early in my case this year) – all in beautiful wrappings and cute gift bags.The best thing about giving and receiving is the gift presentation. I take pleasure in wrapping gifts I’ve chosen for friends and family because a gift wrap enhances the gift exchange experience. There are so many gift wrapping ideas it requires a post on its own, but a little creativity gives the perfect eye candy. This year, the delightful ladies at the office human resource department organized…

You Know It Is Christmas When...

...The entrance to your favourite shopping centre looks like this one at Metroplex, Naalya.

When your favourite food court has this centre piece with dazzling glitters...twinkle, twinkle.

So are the corridors to every corner of your favourite shopping centre; this one, near the washrooms.

When the office front desk, as always, makes our visitors and staff get into the Christmas mood early.

This makes running up and down the office stairs seem so much fun. I often stop and touch them.

Indian Spice

Chicken wings, butter naan and salads. Probably one of the very best I've ever ordered in Nawab Indian restaurant, Metroplex Mall food court in Naalya, Kampala. I love that cute 'seasoning' bowl.

With butter and garlic naan to soothe your craving, I do not think plain naan should be on the table. But tastes differ and some people have plain taste, like the plain rice to go with the spicy chicken...half of it could have been garlic. Delicious all the same but you need the best mouth wash for the following days.

Even though the persistent waitress from the Italian restaurant virtually forced us to order something from her  (she insisted that she would not leave our table until we placed an order, because it is not fair that we always choose Nawab), this juice turned out to be quite good. I'd promised never to touch this lady's menu because she once packed for me a burger with green pepper after repeatedly assuring us that it was pepper-free. I can't begin to de…