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Good Old Nairobi

Some time in July, I made a one-week trip to my old city- good-old Nairobi. The weather was harsh; too harsh I can’t even begin to describe the socks, camisoles, jackets, sweaters and scarves I wrapped myself in before getting under the light duvet Meridian Hotel had to offer.  

Going to Nairobi is almost, always a pleasant experience, even if I’m going for one of those office-related trips where the tight schedule makes it impossible to catch up with friends and family! I attended part of my education in Kenya; the other part in Uganda and my formative years in Sudan. Each of these countries, I proudly call home.  
Nairobi, however, holds special memories because university experience is probably one of the best years - with no high school-type rules (well, minimum rules).  In the United States International University (USIU) where I spent four fantastic years (and the same Meridian Hotel used to be our school pick-up point BTW), we would grumble about certain regulations. One such rul…

Getting Crafty

As I explored the Internet for something I desperately needed for a project I’m planning, I came across this gem! I love crafty household items—from chairs, tables, kitchenware, photo frames, vases, name it. I love them unique, even quirky. I want all of the things I found on this website (if only there was space in my not-so-spacious apartment!) But this, site, for sure, will be seeing a lot of me for these reasons…

Eco tree pencils crafted from from real tree branches. Not that I want to use them, but Iwould love to keep them somewhere in my living room.
This Forest Clock, made from wood and paper would look perfect on my wall.
Forest Bench made from firewood!

Idyllic Kabale Town

As soon as I slumped into the uncomfortable chair, I fell fast asleep, even with a baby wailing her lungs out just opposite our seat! It was almost 1am anyway and I had had a terrible day. I don’t remember much of this bus trip to Kabale, western Uganda.

Not that there was anything memorable. This was one of the worst road trips I’ve taken (and I’ve done a lot of that for fun). I’ve braved the heart-stopping road drive from Kampala to Juba, South Sudan via several small towns; we’ve done several other trips—long and short—just to enjoy the lush savannah, the fresh air, to experience the world. I can’t count the trips I’ve done on the Kampala – Nairobi road; the long rides to Mombasa, name it! The term Safari was probably coined with me in mind! But this Kabale trip almost killed my Safari spirit. The road is good; the place is a stunning collection of nature’s gift to this country (wow, those hills!) and the reason for the trip is a beautiful bliss—a wedding of (an acquired) friend. Wh…

Dear Yaba...

A few days ago, October 16th to be specific, I looked at an old picture of a visibly spoilt Little Lady—about four years old—and her father (God bless his soul) at a breakfast table. My eyes welled up; a sincere smile lit my face…how time flies! This little sulky girl—always referred to simply as Last Born by her parents, relatives and family friends—fondly remembers all the bonding sessions with a father she thought worked far too much.

She remembers staying up late, waiting for one of the most genuine human beings she was blessed to call father (in his old age we called him Yaba, Arabic for Mzee) to arrive home and there was usually cake, sweets, or some sort of snack and Little Miss Last Born was the permanent custodian.

Last Born remembers a lot about Yaba, mostly because there are no sad memories. He never caned; he never slapped; he never, ever raised his voice. But he was a very strict disciplinarian in his own way. When Last Born misbehaved—and she sure did, a lot, she was call…

Uganda @ 50 Years

Today, this wonderful country—christened the Pearl of Africa by Winston Churchill  —celebrates 50 years as an Independent nation. Reaching a Golden Jubilee is no mean feat. For Uganda, this day is particularly remarkable for many reasons. Ours is no doubt a beautiful country, truly gifted by nature. Ugandans are variously described as one of the friendliest people, polite and welcoming. That should make this country every tourist’s hottest safari ticket!  

The past few weeks saw Kampala, the capital city, undergoing a facelift: our Black, Yellow Red flag adorns every corner of the city. I passed by the Independence Monument last night and the impressive work done there made me so proud of my country!

Not everyone is, however, in celebratory mood. Opposition activists under the pressure Group, For God and My Country, recently launched protests dubbed Walk-to-Freedom. Opposition Forum for Democratic Change leader Dr Kizza Besigye was held under preventive arrest because, according to th…

Is This Steers? (Oh, Debonairs!)

We fell in love during my school days in Nairobi, Kenya. And to say I enjoyed every moment of that relationship would be an acceptable cliché. There is something about Steers…the chicken, the burgers, the pizza (Oh, Debonairs!), the milkshake, the ice cream…Every Sunday Church trip ended there; every Saturday shopping spree ended there; basically, every trip to the city ended at Steers. It was nice while it lasted!

Then suddenly, the exotically named Nandos made an entrance and charmed my friends and I. Somehow, I felt sorry for Steers but I just could not resist Nandos. It is quirky in a nice kind of way. And it is not that the quality of food or service at Steers had dropped. I just moved on. More like breaking up with someone for no genuine reason.
That is probably why when I relocated to Kampala, Uganda, I rarely dropped by Steers. Maybe I felt I had outgrown the place. However, afriend took me there once (some years ago) and this visit rekindled my relationship with Steers. Once in…