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Belated Cheers To The Blues!

Champions League: Drogba, Di Matteo and one disgraceful Ovrebo It’s been, well, almost two months since Chelsea FC became the European champion. May I add for the first time ever!!! The statistics don’t matter; what matters is that my beloved club’s long search for the coveted trophy came to an end on that tense May 19 day with a dramatic penalty shootout in Germany. The odds were against Chelsea. Few people expected the Blues to beat a solid team like Bayern Munich in their own backyard.
 What took me more than a month to write this anyway? Perhaps it had not really sunk in; perhaps I was too busy…but this is an achievement too great to forget. I adore this club; I have relished every win; I have cried and suffered heartbreaks with every defeat, especially those CL eliminations by Liverpool and Barcelona! I remember each of those depressing defeats to Liverpool, and the sheer robbery by Barcelona in 2009, aided by that disgraceful referee Tom Henning Ovrebo (someone slap him for me!!).…