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My Sister. My Friend. My Hero

Today is my sister’s birthday. And NO; she’s not my only sister. She’s one of the four amazing women I’m proud to call sisters! But Christine is not just my sister; she’s my best friend, my soul mate, my hero…

Because my newsroom schedule gets really crazy, she’s the one who remembers everybody’s birthday, anniversary; she’s the one who calls everybody to find out if all is well; she’s the one who takes care of everybody and stays awake worrying all night when one of us is unwell!

She’s one of those people I share a lot with…even the silence we occasionally share, speaks a lot about our unique friendship/sisterhood! So, Christine's birthday is the appropriate time to remind myself how abundantly blessed and glad I am to have such an exceptionally inspiring sister!

Happy birthday, Christine!

My Sister, My Friend, and My Hero

One more year has passed on by,
Don't look back
Keep your head held high
For you're missing the most valuable moments,
You see...
When you are looking down to…