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Wild Safari: Adventure In Sudan’s Lush Savannah

When we recently decided to brave the long journey to South Sudan, the gloomy (often exaggerated) portrait of that part of Africa as one grim picture didn’t intimidate us. Being fairly familiar with the geography, we knew the ride would be long and rough - no adventure for the faint-hearted.

The flawless Kampala-Arua road and the classy KK Travellers night bus was, however, a deceptive start to the nightmare ahead. We left Arua for Kaya, South Sudan, in a private car and nothing could have prepared us for the pathetic road. Apprehension set in, but the brave woman in me is not one to despair. It was raining heavily and I thought we would veer off this slippery road, but God kept a keen eye!

Shortly after Koboko, we hit a dead end. A trailer was stuck in the middle of the road and the locals had to push our car through an improvised road but they didn’t even hustle us for money…these honestly pure hearts! God bless West Nile and its genuine humanity.

We negotiated this excuse of a roa…