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Speak Out Against Violence

Every time I wake up in the morning, there is this cry of agony ringing in my muddled head. It is a scene from one of those annoyingly predictable Nigerian movies that, nevertheless, reflect reality. The movie is about a woman who suffered repeated beatings from her husband but in public – where no one knows her plight – they were the perfect couple; she the loyal, smiling wife and he, the loving, caring husband. Behind closed doors, she would sit up all night, sobbing – in anguish, after receiving her daily dose of slaps and kicks. Absurd as it seems, it is the abused woman who pleads for forgiveness, begging her husband not to throw her out! 

This movie brings to mind the story of 22-year-old Rihanna and her boyfriend Chris Brown, 20 – both successful singers who are adored worldwide. Sometime last year, reports of how Brown turned violent after Rihanna confronted him about a text message from his old girlfriend made rounds in the international media. He allegedly hit Rihanna’s head …