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Wrapped In a Year

I'm big on gifts. I must confess I receive quite a lot - much more than I give (and I can be quite generous, by-the-way). Last year, I had a lot more reason to look forward to the Christmas season; to give, to receive and to make merry! But not all stories have a good ending. I look forward to retelling this otherwise wonderful story sooner than later.

And look how some kind souls cheered up a holiday that would have been dreadful. You see, that is why I quit worrying and always speak deeply into my spirit.... I believe in the sufficiency of God's abundant grace and deeply trust in the perfection of His will..

I know this year will be wrapped up good. Bless those who wrapped a not-so-good 2013 in  beautiful baskets (more about how handy those baskets can be in house decor later).

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Coconuts in West Nile

Coconuts – those ‘all-purpose’ tropical fruits - are plenty in most parts of my home region, West Nile. From the steamed tubers to the creamy white flesh in the brown shell, I've sampled everything coconuts have to offer. We used to sip the juice at the beaches of Mombasa, Kenya (a refreshing tropical drink, they call it); I use coconut – grated, milk, cream and oil - in various curry and rice recipes. I use coconut hair oil, body lotion, etc… Basically, the coconut and I are best friends…
The tree...

Tubers as snacks

I stole this picture from Here (but the owner doesn’t mind, I’m sure of that). Taken on the Arua-Moyo Road at a place called Lefori where the coconut tubers, harvested just after shoot germination and steamed before eating, is a seasonal delicacy.
The ripe coconut

The shells turn brown after drying (we usually leave it in the furious heat of West Nile for days to dry). Splitting the hard shell into two halves isn't an easy task. I've always considered it someone…

From My Journal: Light Side of Elections

# February 25, 2011
It was three days of 18-hour work schedule, tiring days, short nights, tense moments and the work overload that left the already thin Daily Monitor editorial team very exhausted. We had ups and downs, high and low moments, sad stories and humorous tidbits; then the odd, almost unbelievable stories from our correspondents across the country. 
Becoming part of the story
Some journalists, especially those who cover specific political parties, sometimes become attached to those parties. Their stories, ultimately, become emotional opinionated pieces instead of straight news stories.
I remember going through a very long press conference story that left me totally dazed. A story that could have been written in about 400 words ran to over 1,500 words. “The visibly angry so and so charged that…; he warned while waving this and that, visibly angry, or disgusted. The seemingly disgusted X angrily added…” (I was going through this in the dead of the night, yawn!) The reporter gi…

From My Journal: Election Fear

# February 17, 2011
The streets of Kampala are quiet. Usually, when I leave home at 6.30 a.m., it takes me about 15 minutes to my office. When I stretch my departure time to 7 a.m., I take about an hour on the road. The gridlock is agonizingly slow. Today, however, I left home just after seven and it was a 20-minute drive to Namuwongo, the Daily Monitor offices. And today is not a public holiday. It is what I would call the ‘Election Fear’!
As we go to the polls tomorrow, there is a mixed air of anticipation, uncertainty; fear, even. The last two elections in Uganda, 2001 and 2006 were full of drama, and violence. This one, however, has been different. The campaign period was largely peaceful. In fact, people have termed it boring. Strange but it is the bad news that sells and a little drama would have added ‘colour’ to the campaigns.
The talking point in the run-up to this election has been the opinion polls, all giving the incumbent, President Museveni, a clear win; his main rival, Dr …

From My Journal: Memory Lane

# September 6, 2012  When I walked into The Monitor offices 10 years ago, I did not really know what to expect. I was a young journalist, fresh from university, eager to experience the real world and overly excited about sharing a newsroom with Charles Onyango Obbo (COO) and Ogen Kevin Aliro (RIP). Along the way, I met some of the best journalists in the land, interacted with brilliant men and women, learnt a great deal and looking back, I’m glad I went through Kevin’s torturous interview process. And what a journey it has been; and how this great newspaper has evolved over the years. My initial years at The Monitor were some of the best in my career and yet I, together with my friend and colleague Carol Beyanga, worked virtually for free. The pay was so negligible I used to joke that I was working for a few earrings (how I love those things). In retrospect, I would not trade that experience for anything, even though I thought my first few days at this newspaper were almost life-threaten…

Sweet Treats

We had lots of sweet treats last week with abundant cake spillover this week. Even for my famously sweet tooth, I feel I’ve had enough of milkshakes and yummy cakes – perhaps too much for my own good, until October maybe!

The Power of Love

It’s Friday! Cliché, yes but it happens to be my best day of the week – for as long as I’m with my present employer. It is only on Fridays that I have the luxury to wake up after 8am, prepare African tea (with generous sprinkling of Chai masala) and head to work mid-morning. Today was another interesting morning. You see, I’ve been reading this book given to me by my Big Sister, Betty. The woman probably knows all powerful and inspirational books out there (except the ones still being written, or yet to be written) but she has no idea what impact the three books she’s given me have had in my life!
Right now I’m reading the last chapter of a book many critics were not enthusiastic about. One said the book is far too repetitive and boring. Another said everything in there exists only in the writers mind. Apart from the wonderful artwork that makes turning every page such joy, The Power by Rhonda Byrneis one book that has made me see the world differently - by appreciating the beauty that…